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SharePath is an application performance management solution that gives you and your stakeholders the end-to-end visibility necessary to monitor and troubleshoot today’s most complex enterprise applications across all components, integration points, and shared services.

Real-time visibility into end-to-end application performance

SharePath automatically detects transactions and tracks their hop-by-hop flow to create a real-time representation of your environment (including all applications, components, and infrastructure) as well as true measurements of response times, bottlenecks and service level performance across the data center and deep into your code.

Know your real user experience

Understand each and every user experience and never miss an interaction across multiple locations, platforms, applications and timeframes. Unlike synthetic monitoring or byte code instrumentation products, SharePath collects data about 100% of your production transactions rather than samples that can miss important events.

Dashboards and reports for everyone.

Whether you are in IT Operations, Application Support, Development or any role where your job depends on the consistent application performance, SharePath provides role-based dashboards and reports to help you do your job more effectively, and focus your attention on what really needs attention

One tool that can monitor all your applications

Because most organization have more than just Java and .NET applications, SharePath is unique by being able to track individual transactions through monitor virtually anything including LDAP, ESBs, MQ, SSO, C/C++, Oracle Forms, Documentum and fat clients. Regardless of infrastructure (cloud, virtual, data center, hybrid) or architecture (C++, C#, Java), SharePath just works.

Understand shared-services usage and dependencies

You can discover how integration layers and shared services affect the overall performance of your applications and transactions.

Get to resolution in minutes, not hours or days

SharePath  APM software dashboards provide real-time view of how your applications so you can quickly see the problem and drill down into the complete data to get the root cause within minutes rather than hours or days.



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