Researchers Say Web Visitors Could Bolt After Just 250ms Delay

New research suggests that web site vistors are even more impatient than we believed. How impatient? How about they are likely to leave after just a 250 milliseconds delay in loading?

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When the federal government launched an updated version of the web site recently, it was hampered by performance issues and problems with the search engine, issues that should have been picked up in pre-launch performance testing.

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9 Seconds to Make an Impression

If it’s true that you only have 9 seconds to make an impression on your website, you better be sure that you make the most of it from a website performance perspective.

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Amazon Testing New Web Site Design

Amazon is reportedly redesigning its web site. When a site gets redesigned like this it requires a lot of pre-monitoring and testing before the launch, and careful analysis in the days following the live launch.

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Open Source Web Site Performance Tools

Louis St-Amour wrote a very helpful comment on my “The Complete List of End-User Experience Monitoring Tools” post – helpful enough that I thought it deserved a whole post. OWA, indeed commonly means Outlook, so it’s kind of unfortunate naming clash, but in this case I’m referring to Open Web Analytics from which has what it calls, “domstream recording”. This lets you see exactly what a user sees in their browser and where their mouse goes, though I’m not sure how embedded it is for performance timing or error catching. A similar feature is...

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