Report: Good Monitoring Tools Could Be Key in Mobile-Cloud Shift

A recent study by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) looked at the big concerns facing CIOs today, and not surprising cloud and mobile were near the top of the list — with big concerns about how to deploy and monitor mobile and cloud apps.

According to the summary of the study on the EMA website, one of the technologies that could relieve the strain is Applications Performance Monitoring.

As the enterprise makes the mobile-cloud shift, one of the keys to a successful transition could be the ability of your APM software to handle these newer technologies.

Let’s start by looking at the lay of the land. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before. Issues around the Consumerization of IT are having a profound impact on enterprise IT. Users are tapping into their own apps. They are carrying their own mobile devices. They’re downloading apps — and IT has lost control.

As Aerosmith once sang, “Same old story. Same old song and dance, my friends.”

Quoting the report, “As one CIO put it, supporting these applications requires skills that we don’t have.”

That’s a pretty grim view, no?

But it gets worse because the report claims that many of the monitoring solutions out there today don’t support these newer technologies.

What’s a tired CIO to do? Well, quite obviously you have to look for solutions that have these capabilities. The report put it in these terms:

“Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions provide a fundamental foundation for delivering high quality modern applications. They enable IT organizations to capitalize on disruptive technologies by delivering innovative, business-differentiating services”

That means, if your tools aren’t supporting these technologies, you need to find tools that do because the genie is clearly not going back in the bottle at this point.

In case, you’re wondering, the report summary doesn’t get any more optimistic, stating that there are many ways to get mobile and cloud applications wrong, but it’s much harder to get it right.  No kidding.

But as I reported in my post last month, Shifting Roles in the C-Suite Put Pressure on the CIO, the pressure is both an opportunity and a curse. And the EMA report comes to a similar conclusion. “Admittedly, the role of today’s CIO is exceptionally demanding. Nevertheless, opportunities for delivering extraordinary business value have never been more abundant.”

So you have to look at it as an opportunity, but in order take advantage of the opportunity and make the transition to mobile and the cloud in the right way, you need to make sure you have the right tool kit in place to help you monitor these apps as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’re take a huge risk that your monitoring apperatus can’t keep up with your changing IT environment — and giving credence to the grimmer side of the EAM report.

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