Real User Monitoring Is Essential

Real user monitoring solutions are essentially a “smart stopwatch”; they are able to report the response times that each user is experiencing when performing actions within a given application.

Priced in the range of $100,000, a number of products exist on the market today that analyze end-user response times. You may know them as Real User Monitoring (RUM), Customer Experience Monitoring (CEM), Real Experience Monitor, Quality of Experience (QoE), and End User Experience Monitoring.

The information provided by these monitoring tools is helpful yet incomplete as to determining specifically what is causing the poor response times. Correlsense believes your investment should yield results – that’s why we are offering our RUM Express software for free.

This software is a subset of our leading transaction path detection platform called SharePath. SharePath helps you manage application performance and ensure reliability by automatically detecting and tracing each transaction path.

Why Are We Doing This?

We believe that the technology behind real user monitoring is a commodity and should not command an investment of upwards of $100,000. Our intent with this promotion is to encourage enterprises that are evaluating real user monitoring to consider this free offer from Correlsense. We simply request that you provide us with feedback about your experiences so that we may choose to use it our marketing and development programs.


“We operate a complex, multi-site Web application, and our customers’ experiences are very important to us. We chose SharePath RUM because it lets us monitor and analyze performance without installing any components on the client side. We installed SharePath on Web servers in our New York and London data centers. Using SharePath RUM, we are able to identify application and networking challenges and take proactive action to correct them, ensuring optimal performance for our customers at all times.”

–Matty Roter, director of IT and operations at SuperDerivatives, Inc.