IDG Survey Finds IT Under Increasing Pressure (Surprise!)

To nobody's surprise, a recent IDG sponsored survey found that IT was under increasing pressure, and supporting an increasingly mobile workforce was a big factor.

A survey conducted by IDG found to nobody’s surprise that a combination of smaller staffs and changing roles is putting increasing pressure on IT. No big shock that.

The survey was conducted last Fall between September 19 and October 4 and encompassed 300 IT executives from the US, UK, France, and Australia. It’s worth noting that this is a vendor-sponsored survey and the report is written on behalf of the sponsor.

Nonetheless, the trends the survey found followed common themes on this blog. For instance, 50 percent of respondents believe Conumerization is the real deal and not simply a passing fad. What do they mean by consumerization. Well it encompasses BYOD for sure, but it’s deeper than that and includes requests to use Facebook and back-door web-based services such Dropbox and GMail that users find easier to use than anything widely available in the enterprise.

What’s more, employees are moving out of the enterprise. Unfortunately, the report doesn’t use data to back up this point, but I think we all know as your employees armed with smart phones move out into the world you are going to have to find ways to get them secure access to your networks from the road.

Along these same lines, employees using mobile devices are going to need mobile apps as a way to interact with enterprise application, as well as data and content repositories. This means you have to check with your vendors for mobile support across devices or you have to start developing some on your own.

It’s worth noting, that just this week Box introduced a product called OneCloud, which is essentially an enterprise content management platform on top of which third-parties can build applications, giving you a single point of focus for your users. For starters, companies like Adobe and Nuance are involved along with others, but I imagine that you could build custom apps on top of it, giving you a central, secure environment to share content from a mobile device. For now, it’s just iOS, but that will likely change over time.

And of course executives are thinking about cloud computing as a way to relieve some the pressure on their IT departments off-loading support, configuration, hardware and so forth to the cloud vendors.

That these trends are being mentioned as top of mind of concerns for IT executives from the US, Europe and Australia is not exactly an earth-shattering revelation. These are the trends we’ve been talking about here and that you’ve been reading about in other IT-related publications for some time.

As employees get increasingly mobile, it puts an increased burden on the IT department to find ways to offer them secure access to enterprise services and content and that’s going to continue as more and more people have smart phones in their pockets.

Finding ways to address these issues is going to be a big part of IT’s responsibility moving forward, and if you haven’t been thinking about them, it’s high time you did. Seems your counterparts across the world already are.

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