Hints Towards Monitoring Application Performance In The Cloud

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Agile and efficient infrastructures: two words which every information technology (IT) department wishes to operate by. A recent article published on the APMDigest explained how having an agile, flexible IT environment is the largest benefit when utilizing a cloud solution. Cloud environments are sometimes seen as volatile which makes predicting, analyzing and resolving application behavior challenging. Having the ability to measure the performance of an application inside the data center can be a complicated task, especially when the application is inside the cloud environment. Why is this more difficult when comparing the actions with a traditional non-cloud environment? The cloud environment is continually changing.*


The changing environment affects multiple aspects inside the IT department. There are the end users who could be using something like a web browser which is being provided by an ecommerce business. After the end user’s experience is monitored, there is a need to monitor all of the working parts associated: The infrastructure, the platform the application, etc. This means multiple tools looking into multiple aspects. Move forward when dealing with applications and development*, which can utilize any specific application inside an organization to write their application(s).

Ensuring that the applications development utilize inside an organization is just as important as monitoring the end user experience. If development has to take longer with their applications, end production suffers. Tying up resources which could be administered to the end user is the end result.

How then, does one ensure that the applications being utilized by development are optimized as well as those being used by the end user? A solution which breaks down the silos of IT and incorporates all of the necessary components must be used. Check out www.heroix.com to learn about Longitude: Designed to help IT organizations maximize business service levels in physical and virtualized environments, Longitude monitors performance across traditional IT silos to provide a cohesive picture of IT service delivery and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance. In a virtualized environment, there is no longer a one-to-one correspondence between an operating system instance and a physical server. Longitude integrates user response measurements, VMware metrics, and critical data from across the entire infrastructure in a single pane of glass using SLAs. This ensures that IT personnel are notified of issues that matter to the performance of virtualized applications. Furthermore, Longitude adds value over native VMware monitoring with more granular threshold and action setting, scheduled report generation and flexible report distribution via email or publication to a portal.

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