Get a Sneak Peek Into the IT Infrastructure World of 2013

Occasionally at the Real User Monitoring Blog, we like to give our friends and partners a chance to voice their opinion on an engaging topic. This is a post our friends at Heroix crafted. A firm which specializes in the performance management space:

The Information Technology (IT) industry is a volatile one, every day there are developers producing the “latest and greatest” technologies. Software, hardware and service trends have emerged in the 2012 year and there is no sign that there will be any slowing in the future. One popular trend for 2012 we like to reflect upon here at Heroix is the Cloud Services industry. Every day there are more articles, whitepapers and discussions around “the cloud.”

Every organization can reap the benefits of virtualizing their environments and utilizing the cloud as a service. 3 Highlights of Cloud Services showcases a few great ways organizations may capitalize on this developing technology and maps out a few ways to properly select the best structure, implementation plan and helps determine the size of the project. These cloud-oriented projects for 2013 are not subjective to any industry and can help improve efficiency and productivity at every organization.
Want some proof? Garter Research predicts that the cloud computing market will reach around $150 billion by the end of 2013*. What does this mean for those who are hesitant to integrate with the cloud? Cloud technologies and services are no longer “trending” and are becoming part of every-day business protocol.

What does this mean for those thinking about implementing a cloud service, enacting a cloud environment or employing new technologies in general? The networks those services, platforms, applications need to be monitored. How does one quantify a “good networking tool” then? A good network monitoring tool performs three basic jobs, simply put they need to:
-Monitor how things are going
-Alert administrators when things go wrong
-Automatically correct problems

For as long as Heroix has been developing application, system and network monitoring software, we’ve incorporated new features into our products based on feedback from our users. Longitude 8.0 continues this tradition with new functionality that enables users to customize their alert dashboards with an easy to use, web 2.0 interface for immediate diagnosis of IT problems. The ability to quickly, easily and effortless monitor the
IT environment is imperative for many IT professionals. Want to learn more about what we’re planning on in 2013? Check out Heroix, send us an email or visit additional posts on

Stay tuned for the latest news on Longitude and what is going on here at Heroix!

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