Enterprise IT Industry Trends 2013-2014

IT industry trends this year are all aiming towards one goal – accessibility. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘cloud’ tossed around a few hundred times this year, and the phrase ‘private cloud’ has just recently stepped on the scene. However, the newer trends surrounding these phrases are anything but dull or regurgitated.

2013 is proving to be one of the biggest and most exciting years in IT innovation and here we discuss some of the most prominent topics. Without further delay, here are a few of the biggest trends to hit the IT scene this year.

The Ever-Changing Cloud
2013 is all about cloud computing. In fact, Forbes magazine predicts that almost 60 percent of all enterprises will be using some form of cloud computing before the year is over. Enterprises are enduring so much change that they are no longer able to make use of VPNs, so cloud computing is a must.

The prediction is that more businesses will use a hybrid version of the cloud that allows them to switch simultaneously between public and private clouds, which gives them a fair lead on their competition. For this new hybrid cloud to be as useful as predicted, there is a need for better security and a total revamp of current cloud-based apps. In addition, it is important to decipher the various interdependencies of these apps and the systems with which they interact.

BYOD is Back
Mobile devices are dominating technology and more companies are adapting the BYOD trend. Why is this? Because it is getting harder to get employees to put their devices away. So, instead of punishing employees for using their devices at work, companies are encouraging them to bring them in and use them to increase work productivity.

Companies that follow the BYOD trend created personal clouds that allow employees to access work-related apps. Not only this, but employees are able to access data from anywhere with an internet connection. This is great news for those in sales or IT. No more lugging around laptops to access your work database, it can all be accessed securely using your tablet or smartphone. However, it also raises a key question: How can those in charge of an organization’s IT systems ensure the consistent performance of their applications?

Security Anyone?
What about security? 2013 has that covered too. Forbes has coined the recent rush for security as the “new arms race” and rightfully so. It is, after all, the one thing that could make all of the above trends succeed or fail.

Companies are pushing for identity security with a two-factor authentication method. This may include passwords plus fingerprints, or retinal scans and voice access. Whatever these companies chose as their ‘beefed-up’ security protocol, cyber criminals or unauthorized persons will have a hard time accessing any sensitive information. IT Operations professionals must make sure that these extra security measures do not slow down performance, however.

It is clear that these trends introduce new challenges for IT Operations teams within the enterprise. Some of these challenges are already being addressed, while others still require a solution. Those teams who are proactive in analyzing their individual needs as well as reacting to these trends will see the most success.

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