ASG Cloud Factory Helps IT Monitor the Cloud

As we’ve discussed many times before, the cloud presents challenges to IT Ops pros from a monitoring standpoint and because it represents an entirely new way of delivering services — whether that’s in a public, private or hybrid cloud. ASG Software announced a new version of Cloud Factory this week that’s meant to address those changes and challenges, and provide IT Ops with a single place for managing your increasingly complex computing environment.

One of the chief benefits of this approach is that you can use a dashboard to monitor your computing world from a single view. Cloud Factory has partnerships with Microsoft, Citrix and VMware giving you a way to incorporate a heterogeneous computing setting in one interface.

When you move to public or private clouds, one of the chief advantages is elasticity or the ability to scale up or down depending on your requirements. Part of your monitoring responsibilities become knowing when you need additional resources. Using ASG’s Enterprise Automation Management Suite, you can set resource thresholds and when you meet these, the system will automatically deploy additional resources, greatly simplifying your monitoring approach.

Another feature for companies looking to set up private clouds is the ability to set up an Amazon-like feature catalogue where users can come and request services, based on their roles, and get charged back for the services they use.

Arthur Allen, CEO of ASG Software says the goal was to simplify cloud management and monitoring. “We created a technology-independent cloud service broker and orchestration suite that automates and simplifies the delivery of applications as cloud based services for everyone – whether a remote sales person is looking to access a company’s CRM or a developer requires a ‘sandbox’ to test innovative new technology,” Allen said.

While this is just one approach. and ASG has its share of competitors in the cloud management marketplace, this type of software has the potential to help solve a lot of issues for companies looking to move to a cloud services approach.

Just being able to have a single view and set up internal cloud services is a huge step forward.

Whether you choose ASG or someone else, as your organization begins to work more in the cloud, you need to find tools that can help you better manage the new ways your company is accessing computing services.

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