A List of Virtualization Management Software

What happens to management agents and products as physical servers become virtual servers? How do we monitor and manage a virtual environment? These questions have led to an entirely new set of tools for monitoring virtual infrastructures.  This post serves as a starter list for products which are addressing these challenges.

What qualifies as a virtualization management tool? According to TechTarget, Virtual management software is: “Virtualization management refers to the monitoring of elements within a virtualized environment in order to diagnose and troubleshoot problems and gather statistics used for administration, capacity planning, performance tuning, and configuration management. Virtualization management software enables management of your virtual and cloud infrastructures in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency.”

The product descriptions are from the vendors’ websites. Please feel free to leave a comment if you would like your company included in the list:

  CIRBA- CiRBA Data Center Intelligence (DCI) is analytics software that enables smarter, faster, and safer decisions as organizations transform and control physical, virtual, and cloud server infrastructure.CiRBA’s analytics platform supports two solutions:DCI-Transform provides the fastest, safest path to an efficient data center with purpose-built analytics for planning key transformations including virtualization, cloud migration, tech refresh and data center consolidation. DCI-Control provides intelligent control over risks and efficiency in virtual and cloud infrastructure by optimizing workload placements and resource allocations.

  Correlsense – SharePath for the Data Center goes beyond application performance management and business transaction management. SharePath enables IT to deliver on the promise of reliable and predictable business services delivery. SharePath tracks every individual transaction across all hops—from a click in the browser through all the data center layers and back. SharePath’s unique ability to analyze and model cross-tier transaction behavior based on that data ensures that if a performance problem occurs, you know immediately where, why, and who is affected. SharePath delivers all of the information needed to quickly resolve performance issues.

  Confio SoftwareConfio Ignite offers service providers (SPs) the ability to improve performance and service delivery of applications to their customers. There is not a separate service provider product. Rather Confio offers special pricing, configurations and performance reporting that are designed specifically for service providers operating and monitoring Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Sybase databases used by their customers. The SP program is specifically designed to address the rapidly changing configuration of physical and virtual servers in a typical SP data center.

Embotics-  Solve your management issues today while paving the way to Private Cloud: Improve Efficiency: Unified management and control across all virtual environments combined with world class reporting, provides a single pane of management glass. Reduce Costs: Real-time discovery and resource awareness, end to end lifecycle management and sprawl detection improves the utilization of your environment. Reduce Complexity: Real-time change monitoring, configuration discovery, tracking, and drift analysis simplifies troubleshooting, improves consistency and reduces incidents. Optimize Planning & Growth:Integrated trending and forecasting combined with capacity and performance planning insight ensures that you grow in a controlled and cost effective manner.

Netuitive- Proactive virtualization management for data centers. If you thought managing performance and meeting service level agreements in physical infrastructures was difficult, in virtual environments it’s humanly impossible. That’s because the overall health of virtualized environments depends on the interrelated performance of thousands of virtual and physical systems, each with hundreds of dynamic and constantly changing metrics. But with no visibility into the performance and utilization of your virtual infrastructure and no understanding of how the behavior of one component affects another, you cannot anticipate performance issues, prevent bottlenecks, or identify root-causes of problems that do occur. And once virtualization reaches 20-30% of your servers, no manually-based monitoring tool can provide the accuracy or reliability to ensure enterprise-wide performance and quality.

Nimsoft – our IT world doesn’t stop at the data center. Why should your IT monitoring solution? With Nimsoft Monitor you can dramatically improve service quality and reduce the costs of IT service delivery. Nimsoft makes this possible with a single, SaaS or on-premises infrastructure monitoring and management solution that spans both traditional data centers and newer virtualization and cloud environments.

 Marathon Technologies-  Virtualization drives cost saving and efficiency, but it also consolidates risks to applications. A single physical component failure can affect many applications running in virtual servers. Using everRun® VM for Citrix® XenServer™, you can extend server virtualization to a broad range of mission-critical applications without worrying about downtime. everRun VM integrates Citirix XenServer’s “bare-metal” performance with everRun’s innovative ComputeThru™ technology. everRun for XenServer high availability proactively prevents downtime through redundant systems and monitoring while creating a single, always available application instance in virtual server environments.

end user experience monitoring  Quest – Quest vFoglight offers a single solution for performance monitoring and capacity management of complex VMware ESX and Hyper-V environments. It will help you optimize resources, monitor performance, plan for growth, and allocate costs across virtual, physical, and cloud.

  ScaleXtreme- ScaleXtreme is different. We provide you with a simple and effective systems and server management service – in the cloud. One that you can deploy in minutes and start using right away. One that won’t require anything like the budget of your other options. One that gives you back your weekends.

Solarwinds – SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor (APM) delivers a complete view of server, O/S, network services, and system component performance along with insight into the performance of the applications running on your infrastructure. So when you’re managing complex, multi-tier application architectures, you can manage the way you think—seeing the performance of the applications and the underlying servers, all from a single view.  

Spiceworks – Is your network running virtual servers you want to track? No problem! Spiceworks makes it easy to correctly discover and categorize your virtual server information so that you can: Discover hardware and VM hypervisors on hosts. See all VMware virtual machines on a host. View hardware configurations. Identify virtual machines from your inventory Completely Free…Spiceworks is completely free…and you can get started in less than 5 minutes.

VeeamVeeam Monitor is an easy to deploy, framework-independent solution for VMware ESX(i) host performance monitoring that was created expressly to help you better manage the health and performance of your VMware Infrastructure (VI) environment. Veeam Monitor provides support fortroubleshooting and issue resolution, as well as trend reporting and capacity planning – equipping you to proactively manage Virtual Infrastructure (VI) system health and performance today and over the long term.

VMturbo- three editions: Community Edition (free download), Enterprise Operations Manager, Cloud Operations Manager. VMTurbo provides a high level of real-time awareness into the health state of all resources, at all levels of the IT stack and enables a high level of real-time awareness into the health state of all resources, at all levels of the IT stack and enables a high level of insight into any event (current or at any previous time). This real-time alert-awareness, coupled with the ability to ‘slice’ through the infrastructure to example the implications of any situation or event, provides that single-pane-of-glass control and oversight for: Physical machines, Virtual Machines (or applications), or DataStores.

vKernel (just bought out by Quest) – vOPS Performance Analyzer, part of the vOperations Suite™, uses real-time analysis of system metrics, vCenter alerts and System Center alerts to determine abnormal trends and root cause, impact, and resolution of immediate VM performance issues. Performance Analyzer is unique in its use of advanced analytics to provide actionable remediation steps for VM performance issues that can be automated in some cases. Using this VM monitoring solution, virtualization administrators are able to quickly solve VM performance problems.

Xangati – Xangati’s 360° Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) solution is uniquely suited to address this challenge, because it can track interactions and performance health of all key infrastructure components that can affect server VM experience including: datastores, network segments, server VMs, hypervisors/hosts and applications.

Zenoss- Zenoss is a single product that makes server monitoring simple. Native virtualization support is coupled with extraordinarily broad operating system and application support. Visualize where servers sit in the network segments inside your organization, and work directly with network attached storage.

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