3 Ways APM Can Make The Lives of IT Operations Much Easier

Occasionally at the Real User Monitoring Blog, we like to give our friends and partners a chance to voice their opinion on an engaging topic. This is a post our friends at Heroix crafted. A firm which specializes in the performance management space:

Return on Investment, increased efficiency and higher productivity. Three events which every organization strives to achieve when enacting new plans or solutions towards their overall organization. There are a host of solutions available to Information Technology (IT) department heads who wish to manage their respective enterprises. Managing the enterprise IT however, is no easy feat. With all the talk of capacity planning, “what-if” analysis and the benefits of virtualization one aspect has been over looked: The benefit for the end user when monitoring application performance.

When Application Performance Monitoring (APM) systems are implemented within an organization, the associated capabilities allows an organization to focus on innovation and enhancements. Comparatively, without an appropriate APM* system, an organization will spend a larger portion of their time fixing issues instead of advancing past the competition. By implementing an APM system in an IT environment, the end user and overall organization will be able to achieve tangible results in the form of:

-Adequate and complete information accessible for the decision makers. By being able to see when and where issues are arising, the correct decisions are made based of metrics and analytics. Not just hearsay or guess work

– Reduction in expenses as business managers will not have to constantly resolve problems which were constantly appearing before

– Increased confidence for the overall business when creating new initiatives. The reputation of the company will stay in high standings if issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently, leaving their customers happy and often blissfully unaware of the issues which took place

CIO recently released a white paper which quantifies the results and statistics for the added benefits of implementing a APM system. The chart recognizes the benefits of an APM (2010-2011) for Non-IT stake holders. Why then a reader may ask are we showing the chart for the non-IT people? Conviction. If those who sign off on the budgeting scheme can tell that current APM system users are seeing a 12% increase in overall productivity, maybe they will think twice about finally employing a system. “A best-practice APM solution watches over all transactions all the time. It displays real-time informa­tion about events, linking the transaction to the underlying infrastructure and business value. This linkage also helps IT prioritize which problems to address first. For instance, the business value of a user attempting to execute a securities trade is higher than that same customer printing a monthly statement.”*

By prioritizing and establish guidelines, those involved and not with IT at all in an organization will see a host of important and imperative benefits. To learn more about Heroix Longitude, the proven, self-service performance monitoring solution, please check out our site: www.heroix.com, send us an email: info@heroix.com or give us a call 781.848.1701

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