3 Hints for Monitoring the Virtual Stack

Occasionally at the Real User Monitoring Blog, we like to give our friends and partners a chance to voice their opinion on an engaging topic. This is a post our friends at Heroix crafted. A firm which specializes in the performance management space:

Technologically speaking, the foundation of businesses everywhere is changing. Heading into the new year means that dramatic additions will be made to the services required in maintaining storage, server, network and desktop applications.  InformationWeek recently released an article which explained how 320 business technology professionals were interviewed on questions pertaining to virtualization.

“42% of the 320 business technology respondents to our virtualization survey say their companies use multiple hypervisors, up from 36% in August 2011, and 11 of the 13 hypervisors we asked about are in use by more than 10% of respondents, compared with eight hypervisors two years ago. In this year’s InformationWeek Global CIO Survey, 92% of respondents say they plan to increase their use of server virtualization, even ahead of expanding business intelligence (85%) and improving information security (84%).”*

What do these statistics mean for the Information Technology (IT) professional working inside these organizations?

Costs for these types of virtualization technology will drop. The increase in technology has resulted in an approximate 75% decrease in total cost* since 2000. Allowing the scalable, flexible behavior of server virtualization will increase business productivity, efficiency and therefore translate into an increased return on investment (ROI) for those decision makers who pushed for a business change. Therefore, there are three takeaways from this information.


1)      Many are unsure about service-oriented IT*. Take a look at the associated chart:*

2)      A general consensuses can be concluded, people are realizing the business need to virtualize. Therefore, education is key.* Without the proper, informative knowledge people will become confused and ultimately misinformed about their particular business needs and goals, associated with virtualization.

3)      In order to have a more effective infrastructure,  automation needs to be presented to the business decision makers in a way which can be translated into a fiscal return.*

The associated chart shows that there is a misnomer when dealing the public knowledge of virtualization. Why then, are we writing about it today? To educate of course.

Through the processes associated with virtualization, one needs to monitor what goes on inside the virtualize server, application, desktop, etc. How does one do this?

Longitude: The Heroix Longitude VMware® virtualization solution helps enterprises solve the multiple challenges of virtual machine (VM) sprawl, overprovisioning, and excess use of resources … practices that drive up IT budgets unnecessarily.

The software, which provides easy-to-use capacity planning, along with VMware monitoring and reporting capabilities, is a powerful tool that aids VMware users in making better decisions about creating or retiring VMs, or redeploying them quickly to maintain high service levels.

To find out more about Heroix and Longitude, check us out online at www.heroix.com , email us at info@heroix.com


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