3 Areas To Consider When Monitoring Applications

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Recently an article was written on the impact “Application-Aware Network Performance Management”* has on business operations. Organizations that utilize important information technology (IT) resources such as mission critical applications and systems have long known that optimized IT resources mean optimal business productivity. By ensuring the fastest response time and availability of applications, systems and networks an organization will run efficiently from top to bottom. To read the entire article click here, below we’ve summarized three important aspects from the article:

1) Do the applications improve user experience?

If business critical applications are utilized by non-IT pros daily, their experience at the end level is crucial for success. The ability to ensure that their experience, and those behind the scenes, is running optimally means that business productivity should run smoothly. Proactive approaches to make sure no down time occurs is therefore, critical for success.

2) Does the business model align with the IT department’s core mission?

If an organization is trying to keep overhead costs low by utilizing the resources they already have, perhaps that new server and hardware upgrade isn’t the best option at the current point in time. Organizations need to make sure everyone is communicating, particularly if applications running an organization can be continually used and not upgraded or changed frequently.

3) Is the integration and performance management* of applications critical to the business?

Business are created to solve a solution or administer a service, on the back end of that they are also tasked with generating revenue for its employees and stakeholders. This means that if organizations can highlight issues quickly and easily inside an IT department, what it will do for productivity as a whole? Some organizations have the luxury of separating and delegating their applications in different departments to do different things, some need a unified window at which to utilize everything.


Monitoring applications inside the IT infrastructure is critical for business success. Whether or not increasing application usage, the spread of applications throughout the organization or even reducing the complexity of those applications is critical for organization efficiency needs to be decided and discussed. Want to lean more on how Heroix can deliver application performance information on an iPad, iPhone or Android? Visit us on www.heroix.com or send us an email at info@heroix.com  Problems are displayed in easy-to-understand, color-coded pie charts, with drill down access to the details you need to quickly and easily fix any issues in the IT infrastructure.



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